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Please find below some testimonials from our happy clients:

"I am considerably less anxious, more relaxed and confident and able to control my thoughts to make myself calmer and more positive. I found that Solution Focused Hypnotherapy really helps one to move forward with more hope." - A

""I just want to say 'thank you' so much! I am much more confident, more positive and I feel calmer and more in control of my thoughts." "I feel like a different person"." - S

"Thank you so much, Jane. Your services are amazing. You made me feel completely comfortable and relaxed in every session. I can't tell you how much this has changed my life." - E

"The CD helped me to sleep better and reinforced the pointlessness of worrying about things. The preparation for hypnotherapy, talking about positive experiences etc really helped as not only did it make me feel more positive at that moment, it made me seek out those experiences during the week. I have begun to allow myself 'me' time and it's made a big difference and I'm a bit more forgiving of myself." - H

"Helpful, relaxing and calming sessions." - C

"Jane, your guidance, therapy and support have helped me through an overwhelming and difficult time. Your help has given me the techniques and inner calm to deal with life's ups and downs." - L

"Did I help you to achieve your goal? "YES, YES, YES!"" - S

"I feel more confident and now seek to find positivity in each day. The experience has given me more confidence when driving as well." - Y

"You have been professional, kind, caring, patient, genuine and lighthearted... a person who has supported my confidence and allowed me to get back to my 'old self'." - H

""I feel the sessions not only offered me the knowledge and understanding of my own feelings/behaviours, but also gave me valuable tools to support my confidence and relaxation in the future."" - F

"Thank you Jane - I'm finally free (from smoking) and it's because of you!" - B

"I cannot express my thanks enough. You have given me my life back. I can now live with confidence, control and conviction. You are a shining example of how hypnotherapy can change lives. You have helped me 'become me' again." - PK

"It really does work. After a few sessions with Jane I managed to gain control of my anxiety. Jane helped me to focus on positive things and her CD is such a great help. It even worked on Skype." - G

"I'm glad it was with such a lovely person, really down to earth, and I felt comfortable opening up to you. " - SL

"Hypnotherapy gave me techniques I can use in the future. Sleep improved. Interesting scientific basis behind the therapy - which has made sense. I am much more aware of how positivity can impact mood." - ME

"The emphasis on positivity was very helpful; I found that it had a beneficial effect in other areas of my life that I wasn't expecting. I liked the repetition of the theory behind hypnosis and why our anxieties become so established." - F

"(The use of hypnotherapy) helped me feel better about myself and happier everyday. Thank you so much I feel so much happier now and I love it! Dad adds - S seems happier and more confident and more positive." - S (aged 16)

"I felt much calmer, in control and able to concentrate better after sessions. I was able to concentrate better. I was also able to detach from stressful situations more effectively. I found the explanations relating to the brain function incredibly useful. " - A

"The hypnotherapy helped me to sleep better and concentrate on the positive things in my life and realise that anxiety is created by the primitive brain. It was always nice to see someone so friendly, patient and cheerful." - S

"I thought I would say a few words on the service you have provided for me. Your careful explanation of the workings of the brain as regards the fight or flight response and stress bucket really helped me focus and look out for the symptoms during the course of sessions and for future. I have already had to call upon the calming techniques at least 3 specific times since starting the sessions. So overall I really appreciate your time, your therapy and how it has helped my in the last couple if months and more importantly for future. " - M

"Thanks for the CD. It was a good choice of music, your voice was relaxing and content very easy to visualise and follow." - B

"Each session has been a pleasant experience after which I have felt truly relaxed, enlightened and definitely more positive in outlook." - JM

"Jane has a friendly, welcoming disposition. She is approachable, easy to talk to and to discuss sensitive issues. She explained that this method is used for the present, not the past. How refreshing!" - J

"Jane provides a first rate service, in a comfortable and relaxing environment. I would definitely recommend her." - K

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