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Solution focused hypnotherapy can be helpful with a range of issues. Such as:

Anxiety and stress:

Anxiety and stress can cause changes in your behaviour and the way you think and feel about situations, resulting in symptoms such as irritability, anger, a feeling of dread and difficulty concentrating. Worry can cause you to avoid social contact and may make... read more

Chronic pain

The perception of pain is very much affected by our emotional state- if we are depressed, anxious or upset then we are likely to feel pain more.  Hypnotherapy can help alleviate chronic pain by reducing these feelings and encouraging positivity.  This... read more


Depression is more than feeling down or fed-up for a day or two - it is a prolonged feeling of sadness for weeks or months. This may be accompanied by tearfulness, lack of motivation, feelings of intolerance to others and neglect of family and friends. Depression... read more


Childbirth is a perfectly natural process but it can be an anxious time for parents-to-be.  Self-hypnosis can be taught to Mum-to-be and, with support from the birth partner, childbirth can be a relaxed and calm experience.  Hypnotherapy can reduce... read more


Sleep is a very important process - the brain uses this time to process the information gathered during the day and leave us refreshed for the next day. Perhaps you have trouble getting off to sleep at night with thoughts running through your head? Or maybe... read more

Motivation and performance:

Sometimes we lack the energy, drive or self-confidence to get on in life and to achieve all that we want to achieve. Perhaps nerves prevent you from doing well in exams, sport or other areas of performance. Mental rehearsal is a method of visualising a situation... read more


Irrational fears and phobias are the result of an overactive survival response in the brain. Your brain recognises something it has seen or heard (a trigger) and thinks this poses a threat to your safety. The brain will then invoke symptoms of anxiety such... read more

Preparation for Conception

Whether preparing for conception by natural means or by IVF, then hypnotherapy can help to increase the chances of success.   Almost a quarter of cases of infertility have no obvious medical cause but anxiety can play a part.  Hypnotherapy works by... read more

Smoking cessation:

If you are a smoker and really want to give up, then you can do so with the help of hypnotherapy. You know smoking is bad for you in so many ways and you want to quit - your conscious mind tells you this. Your subconscious mind, however, keeps you smoking... read more

Weight management - a mindset approach

Many people have tried slimming clubs, calorie counting and various diets which appear successful for a while, only to find that the weight creeps back on over time.  Diets have been shown not to work in the long term.  We all know that surplus... read more

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