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Jane worked in the Pharmaceutical industry for over 25 years helping to bring new drugs to the market. Jane came to the conclusion that while medication was helpful for many conditions, for some problems treatments were inadequate and had unwanted side-effects.  Jane had been interested in hypnotherapy for a number of years and had benefited from the therapy herself on two occasions.  With the family grown up, she felt it was time to follow that interest and train to become a therapist herself.

“I couldn’t help but feel that we weren’t coping very well with the increasing problems of anxiety and depression within our society.  It seemed to me that hypnotherapy would be a useful, holistic treatment to work alongside the medical therapies to help reduce some of these problems.  SolutionFocused Hypnotherapy appealed to me because it is science-based and focuses on the way the brain can create new pathways and new ways of thinking.”

Jane joined a course in SolutionFocused Hypnotherapy, run by the prestigious Clifton Practice in Manchester, and became qualified as a SolutionFocused Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist.  Jane is now an Assistant Lecturer on this same course in Manchester.

Jane is also qualified as a SolutionFocused Supervisor, enabling her to take on other therapists for training, mentoring and support. 

Jane is currently working towards the Advanced Practitioner Diploma.  During training, Jane has developed skills in the areas of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, SolutionFocused Brief Therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

SolutionFocused Hypnotherapy acknowledges that the client is the expert on themselves and their lives.  The therapist is a facilitator, using the techniques of hypnotherapy and positive thinking to help the client make small changes towards their goal – towards the client’s preferred future.

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